Ship Freight to Germany – Cheapest & Fastest Way

Shipping to Germany is simple if you’re just sending postage. However, many other factors must be considered when you send a large shipment abroad. For example, the price of shipping will depend on what you are sending and the shipping method you choose.

Furthermore, the delivery time will depend on the shipping method. This article will give some details to consider when you ship freight to Germany.

Deciding Between Air, Land, and Sea/Ocean Freight

The shipping method you choose to ship cargo to Germany will depend on where you are shipping from. Sending your shipment by land transport is only an option if you are shipping from the UK or any other European country. Furthermore, if you ship less than a truckload (LTT) to Germany, it might take longer as the truck will stop in multiple places to deliver the rest of its consignment.

If you are shipping from the USA, from Australia, or from Canada, then you can consider air and sea freight. You can check shipping rates for these methods online using a shipping calculator.

The Cheapest Shipping to Germany

The cheapest shipping method is via sea freight if you want to ship a container to Germany. This method is cheaper than air freight but much slower. Shipping containers from the USA to Germany can take up to six weeks. In addition, it will also have to pass through customs, which will add to the delivery time.

The Fastest Shipping to Germany

The fastest shipping to Germany will be via air freight. However, air freight is much more expensive for large shipments. It costs approximately five times more than sea freight. Thus, it is best suited for small shipments. You can estimate the cost by using an online shipping calculator.

Things to Consider When Shipping a Container

Shipping a container by sea freight is an affordable option. However, if you ship less than a container (LTC) to Germany, you must keep in mind that you will have less control over the shipment. The container will have to be unloaded in Germany, and the items will have to pass through customs. 


If you need to ship freight to Germany, cheap and fast options are available. The shipping method and courier you choose will depend on the requirements of your shipment and your budget.