Ship Cargo/groupage to Germany – Cheapest & Fastest Way

The cost of shipping cargo to Germany depends on several factors. To get an accurate estimate, you must have some postage information on hand for couriers to use. This will include what you are sending, which shipping method you want to use, and whether your shipment is large enough to fill an entire container. This article will guide those looking to ship cargo to Germany.

What is Groupage?

If you want to ship freight to Germany, you may have encountered the term “groupage” on many courier sites. Groupage consolidates multiple shipments into one large shipment that can fill a container or truck. It is commonly done as a way to reduce costs. If you ship less than a container (LTC) to Germany or ship less than a truckload (LTT) to Germany, it will cost more than if you were to use groupage.

Deciding Between Air, Land, and Sea/Ocean Freight

There are various shipping methods available if you have to ship a container to Germany. Land transport is only an option if you are shipping from another European country or the UK.

Air freight is a possibility, but it is expensive. Furthermore, the cargo will have to be unloaded from the container and reloaded onto an aircraft. If you are shipping from the USA, from Australia, or from Canada, you will have to choose between air or sea freight. These shipping methods vary in price and delivery times. Sea freight is cheaper but slow, while air freight is faster but expensive.

Things to Consider About Groupage

Groupage is an excellent option if you have to ship less than a container (LTC) to Germany or ship less than a truckload (LTT) to Germany. It is affordable as you will not have to pay for the entire consignment. However, you also have to consider that you will not completely control the shipping process. The LTT shipment will mean the truck must make multiple stops to make deliveries. You also have to ensure that you have the correct paperwork for customs.


You can choose between air, land, or sea transport when shipping cargo/groupage to Germany. Your choice will depend on schedules, budgets, and shipment requirements.