LTC to Germany – Cheapest Less Than Container Shipping

International shipping is an expensive undertaking, especially if you have to make a bulk shipment. However, what happens when you want to use a shipping container but don’t have enough cargo to fill it? Do you still pay for the whole container? This article will discuss less-than-container (LTC) shipping to Germany and tell you how to find the best shipping rates.

What is LTC Shipping?

If you want to ship a container to Germany but do not have enough cargo to fill the container, you can opt to send your shipment by groupage or LTC shipping. This means you will only pay for the space you occupy in the shipping container. The courier company will make up the rest of the consignment. Thus, LTC can be a clever way to cut the price of shipping freight to Germany

Deciding Between Air, Land, and Sea/Ocean Freight 

If you want to ship cargo to Germany, your chosen shipping method will depend on where you are shipping from. If you are shipping from the UK or another European country,  you can choose between air and land transport for shipping a container. Air freight is more expensive but will be much faster than sending a container by truck. However, like LTC shipping, you can ship less than a truckload (LTT) to Germany. Therefore, you must decide whether the cost or delivery time takes priority.

Shipping to Germany from the USA, from Australia, or from Canada will be the cheapest by sea freight. You can still select LTC shipping if your shipment does not take up an entire container. Air freight from these countries to Germany is also possible, but it is much more expensive.  Using an online shipping calculator will give you an estimate of which shipping method is best for LTC.

How Do Customs Work With LTC Shipping?

International shipping will require your shipment to pass through customs. You will have to have the correct documentation for export and import clearance. This will detail the contents of your shipment and its value. The same will be done for the rest of the cargo in the container.


Shipping LTC to Germany is a great way to ship your cargo affordably. You can find out more about LTC, LTL, postage, and the cost of shipping by consulting an online shipping calculator.