LTL to Germany – Cheapest Less Than Truckload Shipping

Sending a large shipment anywhere in the world can come with a hefty price tag. However, there are methods to reduce the cost. One of these methods is LTL shipping. LTL stands for less than truckload shipping and refers to sending cargo as groupage. This article will explain how to find the most affordable LTL options in Germany.

What is LTL Shipping?

If you want to ship cargo to Germany from the UK, you can choose to do so via air freight or land transport. However, if your shipment does not fill an entire truck, you have the option to ship LTL or to pay for the whole truck. Shipping LTL saves you money by letting you pay for just your shipment and the space it takes up in a truck. The rest of the truck will be filled with other shipments to make a full load. The only drawback to LTL shipping is that the delivery time will be longer as the truck has to deliver multiple shipments.

Deciding Between Air, Land, and Sea/Ocean Freight

If you want to ship freight to Germany, land transport is only an option for another European country. If you are shipping from the USA, from Canada, or from Australia, you have to decide between air or sea freight. Sea freight is the cheaper option, but it takes much longer. Like LTL shipping, you can ship less than a container (LTC) to Germany. It is cheaper than paying for the entire container, but there is little control over the shipping process.

Air freight is possible when you want to ship a container to Germany, but it is expensive. Furthermore, not all couriers will send a container by air freight and may require the shipment to be taken out of the container to be placed on the aircraft. 

Whichever method you choose, you must ensure that you have the correct paperwork for your shipment. International shipping to Germany will mean your shipment must pass through customs.


Shipping LTL to Germany is best if you are from another European country. It saves you from paying for the entire truck but involves a longer delivery time. You can estimate LTL postage rates by using an online shipping calculator.